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ford transit parts nz owners will be pleased to know that the company is making the most of its long-term reputation to ensure that it continues to provide great products and service to customers all around the world. It also takes every opportunity to improve on what it has achieved in the past and wants to continue to improve on what it has to offer both to its UK customers and those from around the world. Here we take a look at some of the latest innovations being made by Ford.

How to Choose Ford Transit Parts

A great example of this is the Ford Transit Connect, which has been redesigned and developed especially for the New Zealand market. While many vehicles now come with a standard roof rack for storage, the Connect offers an optional roof-mounted rigid frame hitch too, which can be used to maximise storage space without detracting from the overall design and layout of the vehicle. This is particularly important in that although the Ford Transit is a small vehicle in comparison with many modern day buses, it still has a very large space for cargo. So thanks to the innovative efforts of the Transit Connect team, it now comes with a ‘tote bag’ compartment that can store and protect goods such as suitcases and books, whilst also providing an easy way to carry around the inevitable ‘necessities’ of life.

Another product which has recently been released by Ford is its all weather car cover. The all weather Ford Transit covers means that even when the roads are slick and wet, your vehicle remains protected from the elements thanks to its specially designed covers. The covers are made from weatherproof fabrics which are designed to resist the effects of rain and snow, whilst also featuring non-slip features for use on slippery roads. Ford Transit owners in NZ can rest assured that their vehicle is protected from the worst of nature and can continue to function properly for many years to come thanks to these special covers.


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