What Does a Close Protection Officer Do?

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Close protection UK is a specialist job, which involves an individual working in a supportive role with an agency. In order to qualify as a close protection officer, one must have previous experience working as a security officer, or an equivalent level of trust. The role of a close protection officer UK is quite similar to that of a security guard but instead of going on patrol they are tasked to protect business, residential and public places from attacks by individuals, groups and even terrorists. This is primarily carried out using a range of tools such as body armour, handcuffs and firearms.

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Some close protection officers are trained to carry both firearms and body armour at all times, although this is not mandatory. The job description for close protection UK also sees the individual responsible for carrying out surveillance on a target. The job usually requires close moving and driving as well as being extremely dangerous. The individual in charge of a team will need to have knowledge of a number of different scenarios, and be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. As the threats and issues faced in the UK’s modern day society are increasing on a daily basis, the role of a close protection officer UK is expanding and becoming more defined in recent years.

In order to become a close protection officer in the UK, an individual must first complete their police course and obtain a certificate, before they are considered for employment. The training given by the police will prepare them for working in this field, giving them excellent field and classroom skills and abilities which are essential for this specific type of job. Depending on the size of a team, the level of responsibilities required and where the close protection officer is based will dictate how many hours of training and education are required. There are many close protection teams throughout the United Kingdom, including in Manchester, Birmingham, Yorkshire and the High Peak. There are also several worldwide, close protection operations, including one based in Dubai.


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